Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Summer Lullaby

Perhaps, because of school, I always find myself waiting for summer. It lays like a foreign promise on the horizon, from the melodramatic moan of life I find myself trapped within. Summer is so sweet and easy like a kindergarten boyfriend; it lingers in the air like a kiss you can't forget. As the days grow weary and yawn, you can't help but wait for summer to give you it's brief freedom.

Living in a beach town, summer is always more of a vacation for me, than for people in other parts of the world. They come to where I live to experiance every letter of the word: summer. s....the salty brine of water envelopes me as I dive within the ocean, polychromatic goddess that changes from deep blue to the green of a broken beer bottle. When I was younger, i was afraid of the titantic waves, but now I am brave. I hear the tourists scream as they as see an approaching wave; I dive right under the great white curve, dancing with bliss in the womb of the wave. In the water, I experiance a complete happiness. I can't understand people who don't like swimming in the ocean.

u....the rough wood of the boardwalk can be felt under my feet as I walk along. The summer sun caresses my skin, covering it with sensual kisses of golden light. In my hand, cool, dairy ribbons unfurl from cracks of sugar cone-my favorite mint, chocolate chip ice cream. I try to lick it up, before it melts every. I taste the sugary, creamy texture of it on my tongue. Now, the ice cream shop with the odd flavors is open: caramel corn, bacon, georgia peach, african vanilla, a parade of tastes from eccentric to gourmet to classic. A seagull flys off with a french fry, gawking happily and begging the naive tourist who fed him for more. I am as happy as that bird, today.

m... this is what the fragrant and kindred spirit of summer is all about: the sun tanning your legs, the cotton of tee shirts stitched into your side, pink juice running down your face as you eat wedges of watermelon on the porch, falling in love and getting your heart broken. Today, I will ride the ferris wheel and hope that I get the seat with the silver roof. As it swoops up in the air, I see the ocean spread out, below. I scream as loud as I can and reach out my feet to see if I can touch the bushes, below. This is the closest I'll get to flying.

m...I spend a lot of time at my grandmother's house in the tranquility of the seaside. These will be the idyllic memories of my childhood. No one will bother me. I make friends with a girl at the beach, just for a day. I'll fall in love with a guy at the beach, just for an hour. I climb a tree to the highest spot and take in the sea breeze. Then, I go home and watch a classic movie. Every morning, my grandmother (the reason I hate IHOP) makes us homemade pancakes with Jiffy mix. I'll eat about ten. pages turn and summer days come and go. I'll explore my grandmother's attic and find the old oujjia board, that told her exactly who she would marry. Maybe, I'm home. I'll go for a bike ride or invite a friend to the neighboorhood pool. I'll duck under when horse flys land on my head. Then, me and my friend will walk home, reeking of chlorine and talkiong about guys we like, who will never like us back.

e...I'll rock'n roll. I'll sing in the heat and wear fishnets under my denim bermuda shorts. I'll fall in love will a guy who won't even notice. I'll spend all year hoping, wishing, waiting. Next summer, he is gone. In a day, I won't remember why I liked him.

r...these are my cherished summers. I have always said Spring and Fall are my favorite months, but summer is my refuge. I will always long for summer. But for now, I open my textbook and my fingers run together in sunshiny memories