Saturday, March 28, 2009

So I'm starting a blog....obviously

I'm writing to you in fire-hot lipstick red. It's a daring, confident color and completely matches how I feel, as of the moment. Afterall, I'm doing something I never thought I'd do (write a blog). I've been doing a lot of that, lately.
In the past, I was opposed to blogging, because it was way to personal for me. I already keep a diary. I seriously can't believe I'm hear, sitting here in a satin slip, smellin of musk perfume, typing out these roses of words- blooms of emotion, philosophy, artistic passion. However, I have vowed to myself never to dicuss any detail to private for the whole world to hear (or at least who ever ventures upon this blog.)
God, I sound so effin formal. How ironic for someone like me! I'm eccentric for heaven sakes- a happy-go-lucky, spurr of the moment type chapette. This post is altogether boring me. I better stop rattling off before the world explodes.

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    (The girl who's angry at the world. at the world, baby.)