Monday, May 18, 2009


I make up my own words and phrases so here's a dictionary of me-isms!

Whackmuffin/Whackmuffins- can be an adjective (as in "Are you whackmuffins?) or a noun, describing someone crazy, if you are a whackmuffin with butter, you are extra craxy

Bizkit- bussiness

Sex Bandit- slutty girl who steals all the good guys

Shizzlestix- just me, cutesying up curses, because curses just aren't pretty sounding

Fuxcy- cutesying curses again ( mind you, I hardly ever curse)

Thingette/ Thingypie- thing

Babble-lation- my area of expertise- babbling

Luvvies- little rays of love I send my friends, real friends i.e. not people from the net, also for things I love
ex. "Luvvies for hot chocolate!"
" Luvvies for my bff"
Space Traveling- going off into my imagination

Now, you can understand me!

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